Life is a bowl of cherries.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Faith and hope

I love the Angel Moroni and in my mind's ear, I can hear that trump announcing the coming of the Lord. My hope is that perhaps if there are some sound problems, maybe the Lord will give me a horn to blow. I would go to Mexico and sound the trump and then I would go back home and take on a bride and sound it within the walls of my own home. Then, as our kids grew up, I would keep sounding it. I only seem to have one tune--but it is a perfect note. Jesus is the THE CHRIST.
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Counting small things has always been hard for me. First, you lose count quickly and then when you go full-circle you never know where you started and where you ended. Let the experts determine how many little tweedlies are swirling in this photo. I can't do it.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Picture this!

When I snapped this photo, I was just looking for an interesting photo of a blooming whatever-it-is in our yard. This bug appeared for the shoot. If anyone can tell me what kind of bug it is, I will send them an emailed photo of Batboy. I am one of those untrained photo enthusiasts with a camera that can do much more than I can.
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