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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Name that Boat!

Not all people own a boat. They do not deserve one. On account of lack of funds (me) or lack of time (me) or propensity to crash (it was not exactly a crash) into stationary objects (a bridge in plain view) or some other reason, a boat title has eluded me for all of my life.

However, nobody says that I cannot NAME a boat. Here is one that I thought appropriate for me after that unpleasant episode at the Balboa channel.

A boat has to have a good name--not one of those pasty little names. It should reflect something that has to do with something nautical, and a person's plight or actions. I might suggest "Little Toot" for Colman, but that name has been used. Or, perhaps, "helm-grabber" for Cameron for the way he wrenched control from me after only one small crash--er, accident.

Then, there is Nick whose family packed up a day early and "Cast-off" so they could handle some pressing business. And Big Nathan--what would his boat name be? He likes to fish, he usually catches them, but all the good fisherman names seem to be taken. I think I will ponder that one a while and give him an interim name until a suitable one can be found. How about "light kicker" or "Landon Lubber" or "Seadog"?

Put you mind to it, but if you can get me a better name than under tow, I would appreciate it.

Carl "Bridgekiller"